Thanks to all those who visited and experienced Amora.

After 5 years, 7 countries and 1.7 million visitors, the Amora Experience Tour has now ended.


Visitors are in awe! Below are some of the testimonials from our guestbook, and comments from prominent experts and celebrities who visited Amora at one of its European tours.


Finally a truly relevant and useful exhibition. It is modern and high-tech. Tons of important stuff to know and take away. I downloaded 6 how-to videos and walked away with a goody bag.

Sarah Aderman – London, UK

Finding out about those 10 ways to turn a man on and dos and donts of dating was a blessing for me and my girlfriends- I will bring my next boyfriend here to attend one of your workshops or salons- count on me.

Belinda H – Hamburg, Germany

As a relations counselor and educator, this exhibition exceeded my expectations. You learn and explore much more at Amora than you could from a book or a magazine. It is an eye-opener experience. Highly recommended from a professional in the field.

Dr. Foster- Hasting, UK

Wow! The wow factor is everywhere in this attraction. I highly recommend that you take your date there…it smoothes things out for after- trust me, it worked.

Angelo Kuntar- Berlin, Germany

I scored big with my work colleagues by bringing them to Amora. We had an amazing and funniest time playing the games and touching everything there…very cool attraction- I recommend it to all adults, children and seniors!!!! I bring my mom this weekend.

Edrinna Lopentra – London, UK


An amazing attraction. Something for everyone to explore and do it in a fun way. For me, I know few ore things about orgasms!

Derren Brown, UK Actor

Fabulous and awesome. I have such huge respect for the experts and designers who were are able to make Amora a reality. Unlike everything else out there, Amora is about you and him..

Fearne Cotton UK actress

An absolutely fascinating experience! Go to Amora with an open and playful mind and you will get the best out of all the fun. The technology is impressive” Thanks!

Thomas Kretschmann, German actor

Better than any exhibition, theme-park or show I have been to. Thank you for an extraordinary and unforgettable look in to men and women relationships… we loved it and we will come back!

Agyness Deyn , UK actress

Thank you very much for bringing this amazing show to Berlin. It is relevant and simply amazing!

Natalie Horler, German band

You can walk in to that place knowing nothing about relationships and come out pretty much knowing everything there is to know, and able to go and have a very satisfying relationship.

Tracey Cox, sex and relationship expert