Thanks to all those who visited and experienced Amora.

After 5 years, 7 countries and 1.7 million visitors, the Amora Experience Tour has now ended.

About Us

Glammora is owned by Conflux Labs LLC, a media and data services company, and backed by its founders and Granita Capital Holdings. Established with the conviction that healthier lifestyle, fulfilling relationships and confident appearance are paramount to a well-live life, Amora seeks to inspire and inform using a location-based entertainment model combined with a unique marketing platform. 


Unlike anything else out there, Amora is about you, your partner, your friends, your desires, your likes and dislikes and your fantasies. It is fun, sophisticated, and provocative.


Our experts, writers and counselors merged with our artists and producers to round out an immersive environment that is rich with content that engage all the senses.

We have designed hands-on, interactive and fun experiences (exhibits) that not only entertain but also engage and inform on those topics that are most interesting and relevant to men and women. 


The creators of Amora bring diverse backgrounds in design, interactive technologies, health, psychology…and even investment banking! They joined together in their belief that existing entertainment formats that remained largely unchanged for decades (if not centuries.) are failing to respond to the needs of the modern patrons demanding interactivity, personalization, digitalization and value…