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        Thanks for all those who visited and experienced Amora.
        After 5 years, 7 countries and 1.7 million visitors, the Amora Experience tour
        has now ended.

        Better than a show, more than an exhibition, Amora The Experience is a twist on reality that makes the useful playful and the provocative electrifying. Let loose and get inspired at this extraordinary sensory world that turns the hottest cosmopolitan topics into fun and engaging adventures to explore.

        Unlike anything you have seen before, Amora is the most interactive journey about what matters to you, your interests and fantasies. It is a must see, must visit destination for all.

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        LATEST NEWS - June 2016: Amora has inspired a groundbreaking visitor attraction coming soon to a permanent home in Las Vegas.


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        May 1, 2012

        Amora Lifestyle Survey results are in: 32% of women consider themselves attractive but only 21% are satisfied with their relationship. For men, 35% use beauty products on regular basis and 78% consider themselves fit.

        April 26, 2012

        Amora Lifestyle Survey results are in: Women in Latvia name the top 5 reasons for adopting their favorite cosmetics brand. 42% Of single women in Latvia have or have had a profile on a dating site.

        April 3, 2012

        Amora announces first lifestyle survey ever conducted in the Baltics; 2000 respondents receive free admission to Amora and enter a contest to win 100 prizes.

        March 6, 2012

        Amora signs a brand integration deal with Ghosh cosmetics that will integrate Ghosh products in the 3D digital makeover salon. “It is about providing a useful, entertaining and memorable experience…”

        March 1, 2012

        Did you ever wonder what one look like in their underpants? Play the Vova game: undress with your eyes at Amora The Experience and you will be amazed of what’s under that bulky coat.

        March 1, 2012

        Amora and Grindex, the leading pharmaceuticals group in the Baltics sign a partnership agreement that will raise awareness of stress and heart products using flash games to be played live at the exhibition

        22 November 2012

        Backed by popular demand, Amora The Experience will be hosting its extended interactive version at the London County Hall, South Bank in London. starting 14 June 2013. Stay Tuned.

        9 November 2011

        Amora The Experience announces brand partnership with Condom One, the most innovative condom manufacturer. “Condoms made fun” is an add-on interactive experience. www.onecondoms.com

        7 November 2011

        GRINDEX, major pharmaceuticals manufacturer and distributor becomes a strategic partner for Amora The Experience in Latvia. www.grindeks.lv.

        21 October 2011

        Turning expert advice into interactive and fun experiences, Amora partners with ACTAVIS, one of the world’s largest generic pharmaceuticals company. www.actavis.com

        Turning expert advice into interactive and fun experiences, Amora partners with ACTAVIS, one of the world’s largest generic pharmaceuticals company. www.actavis.com

        18 October 2011

        Amora Experience’s innovative marketing platform has now a major brand partner: VOVA, the leading lingerie brand in the Baltics and Russia. Turning everything into experiential play, Amora brings new interactive and fun ways to communicate how to be and how to dress sexy! www.vova.lv.

        5 October 2011

        Galleria Riga, the newest and trendiest commercial center in Riga Center will be hosting Amora The Experience tour in 10,000 sq ft, offering its visitors a central location with easy access and parking.

        14 September 2011

        Amora The Experience announces its Baltics Tour starting with Riga, Latvia- official opening is 1 Feb 2012. INVITATION-ONLY for pre-opening events.